Rock workmanship is a worldwide peculiarity and India is one of only a handful of exceptional nations on the planet having the most extravagant fortunes of rock craftsmanship. Rock fine arts the earliest appearances of the people made on the exposed surface of various types of rocks. The majority of the stone craftsmanship destinations are situated in a quiet climate of nature. To investigate and comprehend them is a test. Just those with a gutsy and imaginative soul and incredible enthusiasm to accomplish the objective can address this difficulty.
Rock workmanship destinations are perhaps the best declaration of the human soul, and mirror the immortal characteristics of energy, experience and inventiveness required for any general public whenever to advance and carry on with a significant quality life. Consequently, rock workmanship locales have been an extraordinary wellspring of motivation for people, right all along and will keep on doing as such in future too.
We are to advance the investigation, logical examination, advocacy, security and preservation of rock craftsmanship. This site is our modest recognition for our venerated master, late Padmashri Dr Vishnu Shridhar Wakankar, the doyen and principal architect of rock workmanship science in India.